There were a lot of things that happened in this year. I expanded my network and gained lots of connections, but lost some of them along the way too. There were lots of opportunities, I was fortunate enough to grab most of them. But, of course, there were some unfortunate events as well.

Now, let's take a look at a list of things that happened last year.

1. Moved to Hamburg, Germany

On the second half of February 2019, I moved 10,000 kilometers away from home to work full-time on-site in a mobility company based there. The first few months were really hard. I needed to do everything by myself. It was also fun because I was able to finally see my colleagues (friends) whom I have been working with for half a year before moving.

2. Attended my first ElixirConf EU

Elixir squad. Photo taken on the first day of the conference. Left to right: Igor, Vince, Josè, Milan, Bruno, Oscar

On April 7, the squad flew to Prague to attend Europe's biggest Elixir conference. I was able to network with a bunch of Elixir enthusiasts. One of my colleagues is actually a speaker at the event. It was a 2-day conference with another day for training. I attend the Building Resilient, Scalable Systems with Elixir which was facilitated by Chris Keathley and Ben Marx.

After the conference, most of us stayed for another 4 days to enjoy the city. Prague's Old Town is really beautiful. It deserves another blog post of its own.

Enjoying the 1-liter beer on one of the coolest pubs in Prague, CZ
On the way to grab some food and beer in U Mevidku, one of the oldest pubs in Europe (13th century)

3. Lange Nacht der Museen (Long Night of Museums)

On the International Museum Day, a special ticket was sold in Hamburg. For only ~17 Euro, you can enter all museums in Hamburg from 6pm to 2am. We went into some art and historical museums. There was also a fireworks show. Of course, as any other events in Germany, we ended it with beers.

Joao, me and Igor looking at a fine old armor

4. Weezer Concert

This one is special to me not only because I love Weezer but also because this is my first time watching a concert outside of the Philippines. They sang their classic songs like Buddy Holly, Say It Ain't So and Island in the Sun. On top of that, they also sang their cover songs like Africa (by Toto) and Take on Me (by A-ha). They ended their set by singing a barbershop quartet version of Buddy Holly.

Rivers Cuomo - frontman of Weezers

5. Milan and Venice tour with my mom and bro.

My mom and bro visited me in Hamburg last August 2019. We did a little around Hamburg before flying to Milan. In Milan, we went to the Duomo di Milano. The weather was really nice which was around 35°C.

In front of the Duomo

After a few days in Milan, we traveled to Venice via a train. Venice is like a perfect tourist destination. We were also able to go to Rialto (commercial heart of Venice). It was also where some parts of Spider Man: Far From Home was shot. We were kinda lucky because the hotel we booked was just in front of the canal.

me w/ my mom on one of the 400 bridges in Venice
every place in Venice is instagrammable

6. First Tech Talk in Amsterdam

It was my first time giving a tech talk in front of an international group of professionals, along with my co-speaker Bruno. The conference is called Code BEAM Lite Amsterdam 2019. It was really a fun experience. People are really friendly and enthusiastic. The topic of our talk is about the many ways to hold and refresh a state or token. We talked about the different strategies and provided tradeoffs for each one. We also stayed for a few days to tour the city. Amsterdam is a beautiful and open city.

Video recording of our talk
With the other speakers and attendees. #CBLAmsterdam | Photo by Arjan

7. Surprise on the holidays

Last December 15, I went home without the knowledge of my parents. Only my brother and hist girlfriend knew that I was coming. It's heartwarming.

Spirit of Christmas.♥️

Posted by Jelo Urag on Sunday, 15 December 2019
Surprising my parents | Video from my brother